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The Top Industry With The Most Common Workplace Injuries

Certain job industries pose greater risks for workplace injuries. The most common injuries to occur on the job are from overexertion. Muscle strains and joint sprains related to different activities such as lifting, holding, carrying, pulling, and pushing account for roughly 40% of injuries that happen. The top ranking industry in which workers are prone […]

Injured On The Job: What To Do Next

Being injured on the job can be a traumatic experience. Will I miss time off of work? Does my insurance cover this? Will I qualify for worker’s compensation? While your top priority will be to focus on your immediate health and recovery, these questions are never far from your mind. From missing time off of […]

Injured At Your Work Place, Now What?

Understanding personal rights and privileges after an injury has occurred in the workplace can often be complicated and difficult to grasp. Here are just a few questions that may have crossed your mind, and the answers provided by an attorney who specializes in job related injury and compensation. Q: How do I go about reporting […]